We are passionate about helping businesses achieve success by applying our skills and expertise. We love to learn about businesses and work with them to achieve their objectives. We are experts in following areas of software development:


We are motivated by the challenge of developing quality software. Test automation starts as soon as we write first line of code. We write unit tests and automate regression tests as we develop each part of a software functionality.

Protect your revenue by licensing your software, protecting it against reverse engineering, code lifting and tampering for any other malicious gains.


Junept is an expert consultancy firm in software licensing domain. We are experts in industry standard licensing technologies which third party vendors develop. These licensing technologies are being commercially used by large software publishers worldwide to license their software on various types of devices, desktop, mobile, web and cloud environments.

We recommend the right licensing technology to our customers based on their requirements. Clients directly license the technology from the third-party vendors and we integrate a licensing technology into their software and business systems.

We also develop customized licensing frameworks for our customers which best suit their requirements if off the shelf licensing technologies from the third-party vendors do not fit for their purpose.


We also use dongles from various manufactures around the world as a secure license locking mechanism. There are various options to lock a software license to various hardware components available on the device where the software runs. This makes sure that only the person who has actually bought a software license is able to run the software. Dongles have been proven to be much more difficult to spoof as compared to other hardware components. We are experts in developing code that integrates the dongle into the software as a license locking mechanism.


We use well engineered industry standard technologies to protect the binary code in a way that it becomes very difficult for even experienced hackers to understand the binary code and change it to bypass the licensing using the hacking tools available. This also protects from your proprietary code being lifted for a malicious advantage.


We develop bespoke licensing frameworks which are equally usable for traditional desktop and web style software and for modern cloud based and mobile environments.


As part of developing the licensing frameworks, we also develop software telemetry services for our customers to get insight of which of their product features are being used more frequently. This helps the software publishers decide which features of their products they need to focus the development on and helps them maximize their revenue and reduce the maintenance costs.

Continuously and automatically deliver bug fixes, patches, minor and major upgraded to the end user at the click of a button from your publisher house.

Software publishers continuously improve their software but all updates are not delivered to all end users very often. We utilize industry standard and secure technologies to implement the solutions to automate the delivery of software updates on the end user devices without any manual intervention.

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